Go Green Kick Off Party at Vagabonds on Tuesday, July 28th. Proceeds go to helping keep Ventnor’s Viking Dragonboat Afloat!

More info to come!

Did you know that Ventnor has had a community Dragonboat program for over 10 years? Dragonboating is THE fastest growing International Sports in the world. A Dragonboat is a 40 foot long canoe like vessel which features seats for 20 Paddlers, a Drummer and a Steer person. Perhaps you may have seen ( or heard) the Ventnor Viking Dragonboat team members paddling along the back bay as it tends to draw a fair amount of attention with the drummer pounding out the cadence the rest of the crew paddles the boat. Practicing 2-3 times a week from Ventnor’s Boathouse, the Viking Dragonboat members have truly honed their skills and have participated in dozens of festivals. The Viking Dragonboat team members also sponsor community paddles for youth. To keep the boat well maintained and the participants safe, funds are needed to secure new Lifejackets, Paddles and funds and equipment. Here is what we hope to fund:

Life Jacket: $50 per person
Paddle: $100 per person
Drum: $380 each