We would like to say THANK YOU to everyone for your support & participation in the 

2018 - 10th Annual Nights in Ventnor/Go Green event. 

Without your support & participation, we would not be able to continue putting on this great event. 

Thank You from the Nights in Ventnor / Go Green Committee. 

Please check out our photo gallery  for some great photo's of the event. 

Congratulations to ALL the winners in the 2018 Boat Parade. 

Nights In Ventnor/Go Green 2018 Boat Parade Winners


1st Trudy Hammel-Festa Banner Plane

2nd Lily Wineland Gondola

3rd Michael Salzeer Poseidon 

(Stop polluting my ocean!)

4th Ilse Hanson Dizy Duck Rosure

5th Alan Lipschitz Gone Fishing with Lippy


1st  Parrot Heads 

     Thor Nelson Jack Shelly

2nd Hawaii

Jasmin Shelley   Katie Shelley


1st Jersey Devils Go Green

 Joyce Collier, Katie Brong, Lissa Goldenstein,

2nd The NO’S (No plastic bags, No Plastic waterbottles, No straws)

Maggie Birkbeck, Duane Davidson, Jessica Birkbeck


1st Harry Potter-

“We don’t need magic to save the world!”

Sydney Matusen, Ainsley Matusen, Maya Hagan

2nd Mermaids-“Stop polluting our ocean!”

Lily Hagan, Kinsey Hagan, Addie Piola

Nights in Ventnor/Go Green. 2018 Sponsors

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Nights in Ventnor/Go Green. 2018 Prize Donors

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